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Variable remuneration is often not only a hygiene factor; it is a key differentiator for attracting top talent today within the financial sector. However, managing and ensuring compliance with regulations can be a complex and time-consuming task. Complivia simplifies this process, enabling you to save time and effort, while ensuring compliance, it will unlock an array of benefits.

Why Complivia?

Our SaaS solution for handling remuneration policies offers modular approach, allowing you to select the modules that best suit your organizational needs

Remuneration policy

Upload or create your remuneration policy on our platform, to ensure that all necessary key activities are tracked and connected to the other modules. This provides a centralized location for all remuneration policy information, making it easily accessible – including extracting reports to different stakeholders - and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Additionally, it allows for real-time updates, ensuring that the policy stays current and relevant.

Risk analysis

Automate the identification and categorization of risk takers. This module provides a comprehensive way to manage risks and mitigate potential negative impact on the company's financial performance. It also provides valuable insights that can help companies make more informed decisions about their remuneration policies

Award process

Assists your company in managing your incentive programs, such as Short-Term Incentive Plans (STIP) and Long-Term Incentive Plans (LTIP). This module provides a streamlined and efficient way to manage your company's incentive programs, by allowing you to set up share-plans and evaluate employees directly in the system. It also allows you to track and monitor the progress of the program and make adjustments accordingly, ensuring that the program aligns with the company's goals and objectives as well as the current regulatory requirements.

Payout process

Allows you to track both accumulated and deferred remuneration historically and for the foreseeable future. Provides a clear and detailed overview of your company's remuneration payouts, helping you make more informed decisions about your compensation policies. It allows you to monitor the progress of the payout process, and make adjustments accordingly, ensuring that the payouts are aligned with the company's goals and objectives. Additionally, it also offers a feature to project and forecast future payouts, which enables you to plan and budget effectively.


Some of the features Complivia offers to simplify and streamline the processes

Optimize risk personnel processes

Complivia allows you to eliminate previously manual processes such as identifying and categorizing risk personnel, and administering the yearly award processes. Depending on the employees roles and responsibilities, our platform facilitates the applicable regulatory requirements and administration tasks for each category of risk takers to ensure that your employees remuneration abides by current regulations.

Control the risks remuneration policies creates

Through comprehensive process and check-list functions that are all related to regulatory compliance from EBA, ESMA & EIOPA Complivia provides one system for you to work in for both increased efficiency and control. Complivias platform provides a clear overview of the applicable rules and clearly and timely flags when an action needs to be taken and when something risks being non-compliant. This frees up valuable time for your employees.


Improve employee engagement and satisfaction as they can easily track their own remuneration and understand how it is determined. Additionally, our platform will assist your company in being compliant with legal and regulatory requirements as the solution can generate key reports for authorities. Furthermore, it can also provide the company with valuable data that they can use to make data-driven decisions to optimize their remuneration strategies.

Track remuneration

Customizable reports that allow you, and if you choose also your employees, to track their deferred remuneration. Through this tool, you will be able to create reports on demand that clearly show the type of remuneration structure, both historically, deferred, and forecasts as well as in which instruments it is to be paid out. Improve employee engagement and satisfaction as they can easily track their own remuneration and understand how it is determined.


Ensures that your company adheres to applicable regulatory requirements. Our system provides tailored solutions to help you achieve compliance for individual or group remuneration plans, enabling you to align with specific regulatory requirements. With customizable management options, you can confidently manage employee remuneration with ease.

Key employee management

Allows you to assign share plans and payout structures to employees based on their risk category. This allows for a tailored approach to employee remuneration, where individuals can take part in their specific incentive program in a way that creates greater transparency and engagement from your key employees.


Allows you to create a variety of standard share and structure plans for payouts based on your incentive programs, which can easily be used or tweaked as needed. Access frequently used documents such as templates for allocation decisions and other necessary forms.


Assigning the right amount of remuneration per division and employee can be a time consuming task which requires multiple divisions coordinating together. Complivia lets you build custom evaluation tools directly in the platform and connect it with your employees specific goals.


Allow multiple users in the system by limiting exposure of data to the extent the user needs, which facilitates and streamlines the project as a whole. You can easily manage all the processes, see what is remaining, send out reminders, or disclose information at the touch of a button.


Allows your company to predict different scenarios based on the levels of remuneration planned and accumulated. This includes clawback monitoring, which allows better control of different potential outcomes.

Meet our team

Complivia was founded with the aspiration of turning burdens to benefits.
With a diverse background in our team from compliance, legal and engineering, we have the competence to build products that meet your demands.

Reza Dalfi
Co-Founder & CEO
Reza has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Economics and a master’s degree in Financial Mathematics from KTH and has experience from the banking sector and project management.
Johan Lindblad
Chairman of the board
Founding partner and CTO, Hidden Dreams. Johan has a master’s degree in Industrial Economics with an independent master’s in “Computer Science and Engineering” from KTH. He has several CTO positions in his professional background and experience as a technical advisor from more than a dozen companies.
Katarina Strandberg
Co-Founder & Advisor
Katarina holds a Master of Law and has education in finance, economics, psychology and organization. Experience as expert in legislative work under the Swedish Markets- and Finance Minister, implementation of regulatory frameworks in the financial service sector as well as advising board of directors in relation to governance matters.
Måns Österlund
Co-Founder & Advisor
Måns has a master's degree in Economics and Finance and has over 15 years of experience working with compliance in the regulated financial industry. Måns has previously worked with implementing remuneration policies in financial institutes and has a broad experience with regulatory technology.
Maria Assarson
Member of the board
Founding partner and CEO, Hidden Dreams. Maria has a master’s degree in Industrial Economics from KTH and for the past ten years, Maria has worked with innovation, strategy, and business development in technology-heavy companies, from big giants like Apple to start-ups.

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